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Ready to build or update a website?

PowerWebResults designs websites and web applications to perform. Crisp messages, powerful graphics and unique functionality will set you apart. But that’s only the beginning. Your navigation will be intuitive – making content easily accessible and movement between pages seamless. Your site will also be built with search engines in mind.

Why does this matter?

With your new or improved website,

Site visitors will:

  • Know immediately who you are and what you do
  • Recognize that you’re a credible vendor.

You will:

  • Educate visitors about your business or organization
  • Drive more traffic to your site through a site optimization campaign, or SEO
  • Sell more products or services directly through the site, or if more relevant
  • Enhance your visitors experience with state-of-the-art web applications
  • Capture inquiries and leads, opening a dialog with prospective customers.

We will:

Use the same proven approach when building websites from scratch or revamping existing ones. We will collaborate closely with you to:

  • Define objectives
  • Collect/identify content
  • Capture functional requirements and design criteria
  • Create mockups and wireframes for look, feel and navigation
  • Identify conversions and paths
  • Refine the work plan and revisit elements as needed
  • Beta test each component
  • Launch the website
  • Maintain and update the site.

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